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A dark Romantic Suspense

It all began with the wrong number.

I should have ended the call for both our sakes, but the man on the other end made me laugh. I thought I had forgotten how to.

So I called him again. And again.

Now he wants to meet, and I am willing to believe the fairy tale he promises. Be it for just one night.

Only the reality proves to be a thousand times worse. He is a former FBI agent, determined to solve the museum heist that cost him his job and to find the artist who creates perfect forgeries.

That would be me.

Will he believe that choice is the luxury I never had?

But above all, what lengths will the soulless mafioso who raised me be willing to go to keep me inside the prison of fear and torture he's crafted for me?

cover for kissing the dragon

Kissing the Dragon

(Part One of "Loving the Dragon" Romantic suspense)

To be released this autumn!